Vooma’s Top 10 Tips to run your service station effectively

Vooma has been in the petroleum industry for over ten years and in this time they have seen service stations flourish and flop. It is with this insight that they are able to continually provide guidance, to help their site owners keep their doors open and run their service station effectively.

This day to day mentorship is just one of the ways that Vooma is prepared to help you succeed. With that in mind, here is Vooma’s top 10 tips to ensure you run your site becomes hot property.

Top 10 Tips to run your service station

Stephanie Parry, Head of Procurement Management at Vooma Petroleum:

1. Be as involved in your filling station as you possibly can – you cannot expect a business to grow if you are not going to nurture it.

2. Go out into the area of your station and get to know the community and ask them what they want from the station. Maybe it is a better convenience shop, or flexible trading hours. Let the community feel that you are involved and interested in what is happening in their lives and they will support you too.

3. Make sure that the equipment that you have works properly, including points of sale, card machines and computers to ensure that it is easy for customers to fill up.

4. Make sure that your forecourt staff is friendly, helpful and well presented. A smile can go a long way and friendliness makes customers remember the service that they received on the forecourt – a big decider on if they will come back again.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. By working with a fuel wholesaler like Vooma, you are guaranteed mentorship and support and we are here to bounce around ideas with you. We will assist you with what you need, and point you in the right direction should you be feeling overwhelmed. Remember, we want your filling station to live up to its best potential too.

Shaun Carstens, General Manager at Vooma Petroleum:

6. Check, recheck and double-check everything. At the current price of fuel in South Africa, it has become an extremely valuable product. When dipping, checking and calculating, make sure that you are 100% sure of your results. Always remember, “Everyone is trying to take your fuel” – remember this and you problems will diminish drastically

7. Friendly quick and efficient service is the only real tangible difference a station can have to a customer’s perception of your site. Make sure your attendants, cashiers and anyone else who works at your site is trained to treat your customers with respect and prepared to go the extra mile

8. Marketing off site has become more important with the amount of competition in the market place. Sometimes something as small as a visit to your local security company or school can have a huge knock-on effect. Don’t just wait for business to come in but look for it instead.

9. NEVER RUN DRY – this is one of the most important factors in a site as without fuel you not only loose the sale but also potential C-store sales and even customers. Those disappointed customers may not return if you become known as a site that regularly runs dry.

Carry stock, especially when there are strikes – being the only site in your area with fuel can drastically increase customer loyalty, as well as your sales for the period.

10. Always remember fuel is a grudge purchase, so aim to distract the customer from this fact with happy staff and small value added services like tire checks, windscreen cleans and side mirror polishes. Small things that keep a customer’s mind busy while they fill

Owning a petrol station can be a profitable and successful business. As long as you are willing to put in the work to help it succeed, you will reap the rewards. Join the Vooma network today to find out how.

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