All Vooma’s Petroleum products are supplied directly from the refinery and are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Vooma offers unique cross loading of trucks for deliveries to ensure that all our fuel and products are delivered to you, efficiently and timeously.


Vooma Diesel 50ppm

Diesel 50 ppm is a widely used refined petroleum product, which is used in both trucks and cars in South Africa. Diesel 50 represents 50 parts of sulphur per million, meaning that it is suitable for most modern diesel vehicles.

Vooma Diesel 10ppm

Diesel 10 ppm is a highly refined petroleum product, which is used in both newer trucks and cars in South Africa. Diesel 10 represents 10 parts of sulphur per million, meaning that it is five times cleaner than Diesel 50 and 50 times cleaner than Diesel 500. Diesel 10 also has advanced lubrication additives that aid in better performance and smoother operating engine. Diesel 10 is the next generation of Diesel and Vooma is proud to offer this product at all Vooma stations.


Vooma Unleaded Petrol 93

ULP 93 or Unleaded Petroleum 93 Octane is used in both older and newer vehicles and is the more cost effective petroleum of choice for Highveld consumers who are weary of budget. ULP 93 is an older generation of fuel and while Vooma offers it, there’s a consumer trend to choose Unleaded Petroleum 95 due to the added benefits ULP 95 offers.

Vooma Unleaded Petrol 95

ULP 95 or Unleaded Petrol 95 is cleaner and more powerful petrol grade and is used extensively with new vehicle models and taxis. This grade of petrol improves power and increases the mileage of your vehicle. If you are looking for the best grade of petrol then Vooma 95 is your best choice.


Vooma Petroleum provides its sites with a range of quality lubricants, which include but are not limited to, anti-freeze, engine oil, brake fluid, transmission oil, degreasers as well as other fuel additives. Vooma’s oils and lubricants are manufactured from virgin base oils and have been tried and tested over the past decade.

Monthly deliveries of these lubricants form part of Vooma’s value added services to our stations.


Synthetically derived Paraffin that is extra clean burning, with no foul smell or smoke. Vooma Paraffin is the cleanest paraffin on the market and is sourced directly from the refinery to you. Primarily used for illumination.