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Vooma Petroleum is the best solution to your headaches as a site owner or dealer. If you like the idea of free branding and no setup costs, a steady supply of the high quality fuel and ongoing support and maintenance, then Vooma is for you. Let’s unpack why:

Quality Fuel
All Vooma’s fuel grades are supplied directly from the refinery to their network of sites. Our fuels are direct from refinery to you – guaranteeing quality assurance. Vooma provides the complete range of fuel grades, while offering competitive market prices, including:

  • Diesel 10ppm
  • Diesel 50ppm
  • ULP 95
  • ULP 93
  • Ultra Clean Paraffin
  • Oils and Lubricants

All Inclusive Service
Vooma strives for excellence in service delivery – from the refinery to the nozzle; the team ensures that every aspect runs smoothly for your station. By operating under one roof, Vooma has the ability to meet your stations specific needs, at no added cost to you. Vooma’s standard all-inclusive package includes:

  • Assisted monitoring of your fuel purchasing
  • Monthly site assessments and visit from a Vooma representative
  • Preventative and scheduled forecourt maintenance (tank, pump and lines)
  • Ongoing standard Vooma branding and site improvement
  • Area specific marketing programs for your site
  • Theft preventative fuel monitoring
  • Business mentorship and advice for first time site owners, as well as existing dealers / site owners
  • Keeping sites up to date on market trends and fuel fluctuations

Long Term Maintenance
Vooma owns over 510 nozzles and 180 tanks in its network and ensures that each is in perfect running order.

This includes long-term maintenance plans, which keeps your equipment running accurately day after day.

Their hands on approach means they know every aspect of the retail service station market and represent the best possible solution for your service station. That is just some of the ways Vooma shows their commitment to you also including:

  • Maintenance for pumps, tanks and lines
  • Continued upkeep on site branding with annual updates and monthly branding assessments
  • Complete site overhaul and revamp
  • Certified calibration of pumps and metering units
  • In-House refurbishing of pumps, as well as urgent site maintenance requests

Focus on Branding
Fuel stations are not just about refuelling vehicles. A fuel site needs to provide your customers with a good retail experience and capitalise on the opportunity to provide customers what they need in one-stop. Vooma Petroleum covers every single aspect from fuel branding to convenience store signage. Our integrated approach is what sets us apart from our competitors and includes:

  • Initial individual site assesment
  • Assistance with Vooma signage in your convenience store
  • Monthly branding requirements assesment
  • Promotional and offsite marketing
  • Branded uniforms of petrol attendants and managers

From guaranteed fuel supply, promotional items, branding solutions, order tracking to individual business mentorship and maintenance, when you join the Vooma network you are more than just a member, you form an integral part of Vooma’s extended family.


We have been with Vooma for more than 7 years and absolutely love their hands-on approach and have never had any issues

Terry, De Wildt