About Vooma

The name Vooma is a uniquely South African word and means to get up and go – it’s about movement and power.

The concept of adding ‘Vooma’ resonates with the basic function fuel has in vehicles – to give them the “juice” they need to move forward.

With each site that Vooma rebrands, businesses trajectory improves which includes increased litres and overall site upliftment.

Over 500 people form part of the Vooma family, and it is these people, as well as our premium quality fuel and specialised services, which bring customers back day after day.

As a family owned and run business, Vooma gives site owners specialised attention and a bespoke support network, which is a unique service that has helped Vooma grow its retail sites exponentially.

From its humble beginnings in 2008, to celebrating its milestone of 10 years of operations in 2018, one thing is for sure – South Africans love supporting local and Vooma Petroleum is no exception.