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The name Vooma is a uniquely South African word and means to get up and go – it’s about movement and power. The concept of adding…

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All Vooma’s Petroleum products are supplied directly from the refinery and are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Vooma offers…

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Vooma Petroleum values relationships with their suppliers and other companies whom they conduct business with in South Africa.

Vooma Petroleum, proudly South African fuel wholesalers and distributors

Vooma Petroleum offers a uniquely South African solution to new and existing site owners, looking to move away from traditional fuel supply commitments and lack of individual dealer support and care.

Vooma’s unmatched customer relations and down-to-earth business approach has allowed the business to become the largest independently branded retail fuel network in South Africa – with continued expansion plans in process.

Let Vooma Petroleum assist you in setting up your newly purchased site, or help you re-brand an existing one – while providing you with high quality fuel products, on-time deliveries and general site and forecourt maintenance – giving you the time and energy to focus on keeping your customers happy and running your site efficiency.

Join the next generation of service stations – Convert to Vooma Petroleum today.

10 years of Service Excellence for South Africa

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